Patient Opt Out

If you choose to opt out of healthEconnect Alaska’s Health Information Exchange (HIE), your medical, substance use disorder, and behavioral health information will no longer be accessible to any of your treatment providers. This decision means that any previously given consent to share behavioral health data will be revoked, and your information will no longer be available through the HIE.

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

A HIE allows for the secure, electronic sharing of your health information among participating doctors, hospitals, labs, and other healthcare providers. This system ensures that your healthcare providers have access to the most recent information when treating you. By opting out, your health information will not be accessible to your healthcare providers through the HIE.

Important Considerations

  • Opting out does not prevent participating organizations from retaining any personal health information accessed before your opt-out decision.
  • Public health reporting, such as infectious disease reporting, will continue through the HIE.
  • The Alaska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program will remain accessible to licensed providers.


This opt-out form only needs to be completed once and is applicable even if you do not reside in Alaska but receive care in the region. You can reverse your decision and opt back in at any time by calling 1-907-770-2626, option 2.

For more information about opting out or rejoining the healthEconnect HIE, please email or call 1-907-770-2626, option 2.