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Patient FAQs

Protecting data is healthEconnect Alaska’s highest priority. Our privacy and security practices have been HITRUST-certified, meaning they adhere to the highest industry standards and best practices. All transmissions are encrypted into a type of language that can only be translated, or decrypted, by certified professionals who have the authority to do so. 

All healthEconnect Alaska participants must sign a data-use agreement, which regulates and determines permitted uses and exchange, including privacy and security. Audits are continually performed to monitor data access. healthEconnect Alaska is compliant with HIPAA and other relevant legal requirements.

Patient information within the HIE is securely guarded and only accessible to authorized entities—the HIE participants—who contract with healthEconnect Alaska. HIE participants are bound by federal and state laws, including HIPAA. Moreover, they must adhere to healthEconnect’s stringent policies governing the proper use of patient information within the HIE.

A patient’s care team, which may include doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, along with their health plan and those working on a patient’s behalf, are among the participants who can access health information in an HIE. The intent behind this access is to streamline a patient’s treatment process, coordinate care, manage cases, plan transitions of care, and handle payment for treatment. This information is only shared with healthcare providers who list you as a patient in their practice or at the hospital. Providers must have an existing patient relationship to view your data in the HIE.

When required by law, certain approved entities like medical examiners and certain public health authorities might access the HIE for specific, permitted purposes.

At healthEconnect Alaska, we take data privacy and security very seriously. The use of the HIE is strictly governed and controlled to protect patient information and may only be used consistent with the law or our HIE policies.

Patients can request an accounting of disclosures from healthEconnect Alaska. This list of providers will include everyone who has seen any of your data in healthEconnect Alaska. You can request that list by completing the web form at:

Yes, but only under specific circumstances. Your health insurance company (health plan) may have access to your data through healthEconnect, but only if they are a participant and only for specific purposes. These include coordinating your care, managing healthcare services, and facilitating quality improvement measures.

Health insurance companies cannot use the healthEconnect Alaska to access your medical records for insurance underwriting purposes or to determine enrollment or eligibility for coverage.

If your provider is not currently part of the healthEconnect Alaska network, encourage them to join. Having your complete patient history available for all of your providers to see is a big benefit to you in your healthcare journey.

Providers that would like to become healthEconnect Alaska participants can contact us at: or (866) 966-9030, ext. 4., and request a participation agreement.

You can find more provider-specific FAQs here.

Patients can always opt out of sharing their data. If your provider’s facility participates in the network, your health information will be accessible through healthEconnect Alaska. Just like your health records in a medical clinic or healthcare organization, only those involved in your care will be able to access your information through the HIE.

You can decide to opt out and not have your health records accessible to your healthcare providers through the HIE. The choice you make will not affect your ability to access medical care. If you decide to opt out, your health records will not be searchable through the HIE, but your treating providers may still be able to access certain information about your healthcare history from other health data exchange entities, like your provider’s electronic health record.

You should understand that when you opt out, your medical information will not be readily available to help participating physicians manage your care, even in an emergency.

You can opt out any time by requesting an opt-out form from your provider. If you choose to opt out, first speak with your provider about the benefits. An opt-in/out consent form, which includes patient participation options, can also be found here: Opt-In/Out Form.

The valuable services provided by heathEconnect Alaska cost patients nothing. Patients can participate for free.

healthEconnect Alaska does not share patient information with employers or law enforcement. It’s also important to understand that your health information cannot be used for sales or advertising. Your health data cannot be used for any other purposes without your written permission.

Yes, you can request an accounting of disclosures from healthEconnect Alaska. This list of providers will include everyone who has seen any of your data in healthEconnect Alaska. You can request that list by completing the web form at:

If you have additional questions, please contact healthEconnect Alaska’s support desk: (866) 966-9030, ext. 2, and

Substance Use FAQs

SUD/MAT data sharing is voluntary and opt-in only. If you haven’t opted in to sharing your SUD/MAT data, your SUD treatment providers cannot share your information with healthEconnect Alaska. Sharing your SUD/MAT data has benefits such as improved care coordination and gives your provider accurate and comprehensive insights into whole-person health.

The provider consent form allows members of your healthcare team, including your hospital providers, primary care providers, and specialists, to view your SUD/MAT data. This information is only shared with healthcare providers that list you as a patient in their practice or at the hospital. Providers must have an existing patient relationship to view your SUD/MAT data in the HIE.

You may revoke your consent at any time by requesting access to the consent tool from your HIE account manager by emailing them directly or sending a request to Then, ask your provider to log on to healthEconnect Alaska to deactivate your consent registration. healthEconnect Alaska will immediately stop sharing your SUD/MAT data upon your provider’s deactivation.

If you do not submit the consent form, your provider or healthcare organization will not share any data identified as SUD/MAT information with healthEconnect Alaska.

No. Your provider may not force or require you to submit this form.

When you share your SUD/MAT data, members of your healthcare team will be aware that you are currently in SUD treatment, or that you have been in the past. Some patients prefer to keep this information private and only share it with specific providers. Your SUD treatment information cannot be used to discriminate against you.

If you don’t opt in to sharing your SUD/MAT data with healthEconnect Alaska, that decision only determines what can or cannot be shared with and through healthEconnect Alaska and does not pertain to other healthcare providers. If you are unsure, ask your provider if you have consented to share your SUD/MAT data elsewhere.

If you have questions about your treatment information, please talk directly to your SUD/MAT provider. You can find more information at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website:

For more information about healthEconnect Alaska, please see our about page or our provider FAQs.

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